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Kathy Johnson asked 6 years ago

Hi, i am trying to sign up for a group c clinic on December 14. When I click on the group sign up for that day it gives me a description but does not allow me to sign up as in the past. Please advise.  Thank you Kathy Johnson #84998  dept 660  

1 Answers
Tyler Barnes Staff answered 6 years ago

It looks like you are part of the Okemo site. I see the sign up form when I am logged in. You must be logged in to sign up to attend this clinic. I assume this is the clinic you are referring to: https://okemo.snowproportal.com/events/group-c-training-2016-12-14/
So … login with your email address as your username (we don’t know your password) and I think you’ll be all set. Let me know otherwise or direct your question to the Okemo School admin staff.