19 Aug

Duplicate registration entries are being submitted

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sars asked 5 years ago

So, one of the SARS staff was testing our Gravity Forms registration form and something very odd has happened. We submitted a registration form at around 10:30am on August 17. Then a duplicate of the form was submitted at 12:58am on August 19.
My initial thought was that the page/tab must have been left open and someone refreshed it.That’s not likely though considering that it was submitted at 12:58am but I guess it’s a possibility. I assume though that Gravity Forms has code in place to prevent refresh duplicates. More importantly though is that this form is set to use ajax for Next/Previous and Submit. If that’s the case, then a page refresh should load the page and not reload/resend the form Post values like a non-ajaxed page/form would do.
Have you seen anything like this before? I can’t think of anything including some weird caching thing that would cause this to happen. I’m going to assume that this is some super rare bug and we can live with a duplicate entry from time to time. My main concern though is that none of our applicants will have their credit card payments processed twice.
Lastly, I know that we can have the confirmation redirect to a custom thank you page, but I’d prefer to use the regular confirmation page functionality built into GF.