27 Oct

How do I build a "test" that I could use for documentation?

QuestionsCategory: School Pro SitesHow do I build a "test" that I could use for documentation?
terry asked 8 years ago

I’d like to build a form to “test” staff on basic department policy. Is there a way to include questions that won’t let you proceed until the correct answer is given? That way, when people submit the form/test I know they’ve covered the correct material and it’s easy for me to document it.

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Tyler Barnes Staff answered 8 years ago

Great question Terry! You can use the Form Builder that is part of the Schools Standard Package. By using a “radio button” form element and writing a question as the label with a “yes” and “no” radio button choices, combined with some conditional logic on some additional form fields, you can achieve this result. This is all handled via the admin area and NO CODING REQUIRED.
If you are signed up for a School Premium Package then a “quiz” option exists within the form builder tools so you can create custom quizzes that can be “Pass/Fail” or graded by percentages. If you plan to have several “quizzes” and want to be able to easily tally results, then the Quiz Module as part of the Schools Premium Package is the way to go.