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Mike Peters asked 4 years ago

How do I omit the Search box, Archives, and Meta data from the lesson and course pages. There are no options (templates) to change the content of LearnDash ‘pages’.

3 Answers
Tyler Barnes Staff answered 4 years ago

Mike, For some reason access to the LearnDash LMS was inadvertently activated for your school. This feature is available to the Schools Premium Plan holders. Perhaps some system upgrades made that plugin available to you and you activated it. In any case, if you’d like use the LMS you can upgrade your site to the School Premium Plan – or if you’d like to “try” the LMS for 30 days I can make it available to you, but after 30 days you’d need to upgrade your site to the feature set available to other School Premium customers. To answer your question sidebar on the LMS page is a Blog or Post sidebar controlled in the Widgets area. Your Blog and Posts sidebar were empty so the default sidebar items were being added. Hope this helps.

Mike Peters answered 4 years ago

Thanks. We won’t upgrade nor use  LMS.

Tyler Barnes Staff answered 4 years ago

Depending on what you are trying to accomplish you may be able to simply create a Form like a quiz to test the knowledge of your Level 1 candidates or something similar. Terry at Schweitzer does this and it works really well.