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Trouble with WordPress Host

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sups asked 3 years ago

I am at smr.snowproportal.com for Schweitzer Mt Resort. I am having trouble with the WordPress host with the “Event” tab. The Event tab in the left sidebar is not responding correctly nor showing All Events to edit. It is also NOT loading events to the calendar as I create them.
To boot, the online WordPress help desk does not recognize my snowsports@schweitzer email as a registered user but I pay for this Snowpro Portal with WordPress through you all.
Please help!
Charity Russell

1 Answers
Tyler Barnes Staff answered 3 years ago

Hello Charity,
Sounds like Nikol and I need to provide you some additional help. The login to use is your full email address: snowsports@schweitzer.com and whatever password you are logging in with … even on the support site (same password).
I see you have published events/clinics successfully on your site like the Nordic Refresher Clinic that you created on November 5, 2019 that is scheduled for December 20, 2019 here: https://smr.snowproportal.com/event/nordic-level-1-cert/
Your clinic and event calendar is viewed via the front end of your website here:
Please let me know how I can help you get familiar with the tools your school has in place for your SnowPro Portal website.
Yours in Snowsports,

Tyler Barnes is the assistant coach of the PSIA-NW Technical Team, is a PSIA-NW Alpine Examiner and former PSIA-NW Board Member. He has been teaching snow sports for more than 20 seasons in Alpine, Snowboard and Telemark disciplines.  He is also the creator of SNOWPRO PORTAL.